Maryland Agriculture Council, Inc. Board of Directors

The business and affairs of the Maryland Agriculture Council are managed by the Board of Directors. Directors are elected for two-year term and may succeed themselves. Directors must be members of the Council (paid attendees of the annual event) and nominations must be submitted in writing no later than 45 days prior to the Annual Meeting in April.

Two-Year Term Expiring 4/25

  • Ray Greenstreet
  • Donna Landis-Smith
  • Putt Willett
  • Chuck Schuster
  • Mike Harrison Jr.
  • Bryan Butler
  • Robert C. Miller
  • David Gordon
  • Gail Yeiser
  • Matt Teffeau
  • Henry Brandt
  • Belinda Burrier
  • Kim Lechlider Smith
  • Emily Wilson
  • Terrie Shank
  • Kayla Griffith

Two-Year Term Expiring 4/26

  • Doug Lechlider
  • C. Johnson Sullivan III
  • Crystal Pickett
  • Karen Engel
  • Robert Black
  • Scott Youse
  • Jennifer Cross
  • Jenell McHenry
  • Tyler Majchrzak
  • Kevin Donnelly
  • Rob Cooper
  • George Grillon
  • Vanessa Finney
  • Zach Evans
  • Faith Elliott Rossing
Susan G. Summers

Susan G. Summers

Executive Director

Dr. Faith Elliott Rossing

Dr. Faith Elliott Rossing

Board President